Ballot Information

Ballot for Enrolment of Out of Zone Students

Enrolment at Milford School is governed by an enrolment scheme. From time to time, the Board may determine that there are a limited number of spaces available for out of zone students. This ballot would include out of zone siblings who must be balloted for entry.

Ballot forms are available from the school office, or by clicking the button on this page.

Please contact our Deputy Principal, Sara Baker, at with any enquiries.

The ballot dates are set by the Ministry of Education each year.

  • Closing date for 2023 is Wednesday 11 October
  • The draw date for 2023 is Wednesday 18 October

Further information is on the Ministry website by clicking the button on this page.

Milford School Ballot Form

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Ministry of Education Website

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Enrolment Procedure

  • Parents complete a ballot form (available from office or online) and hand in, or email, to the school office by the application closing date.

  • On the ballot date, the ballot is drawn under the supervision of a Justice of the Peace, a practising lawyer, a sworn member of the Police or a local Government returning officer.

  • The names are pulled out of the ballot and a waiting list is created if there are more names in the ballot than spaces available.

  • Successful families are advised by letter and asked to confirm acceptance in writing of the place offered.

  • Unsuccessful families are advised by letter and placed on a waiting list in the number they are drawn from the ballot.

  • If successful families decline the space, the place is offered to the first/next family on the waiting list.

Priority Rating

Priority Criteria
1 Students who meet the criteria for enrolment in an approved special programme run by the school –  Not currently applicable at Milford School.
2 Siblings of current students
3 Siblings of former students
4 Children of former students of the school
5 Children of Board employees/children of a Board member
6 All other students

Past Ballots

Milford School has experienced roll pressure in recent years and has actively limited the number of new out-of-zone enrolments. There have been instances in the past where there have been NO ballots held in any one year, which has meant that no new out-of-zone students were able to enrol at the school. There is no guarantee that any out-of-zone child, whether new to the school or with a sibling already attending Milford School, will gain entry through the ballot.

The Board reserves the right to decide if there are spaces available and if so, how many spaces are available at any particular year level. This information will be advertised in the school newsletter and local newspaper one month in advance of the ballot.