Charter and Vision

Strategic Plan

The Milford School Strategic Plan outlines the direction of the school for a 4-year span.  The Board has put together this plan under three main headings:

  • Learning and Achievement – Ako

  • Environment – Taiao

  • Community – Whanaungatanga

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024


The Charter contains the strategic plan, annual plan, two achievement targets for the current year, a sub-target, and the analysis of variance (previous target analysis).

The Annual Plan contains the strategic plan specific aims for the year.

2022 Charter


Our vision is:

Empowered to learn and achieve

We aim to have all our students empowered in their learning, to have ownership and take responsibility for learning and achieving.

Translated this is:

Kia Whakamanatia, kia akotia, kia whakatutuki


There are four guiding principles:

  • Confidence

  • Engagement

  • Respect

  • Success