Our school is a keen Enviroschool and sustainability is a focus for all we do.

As part of the WasteWise initiative we complete audits and activities to promote being a WasteWise School. We weigh and sort the waste into types and compare it to the results of the previous year.

We have reduced our landfill waste by 73%, which is a fantastic result. Of the waste that is still being diverted to landfill 31% of that is recyclable so we still have further improvements to focus on. In addition to the reduced landfill we have reduced our paper recycling – this is due to our focus on using both sides of our paper and sending notices via email instead of hard copies. We have very little food waste in our landfill which shows us that our Bokashi Bins system is working well. Also removing our school external bins has proved successful in lowering our rubbish amounts.

In addition to the environmental impact our lessening rubbish is having, we are also gaining financial benefits as our litter collection has decreased from approx 6 collections a month to fortnightly collections.

Thanks to all the parents who are working with us to create a more waste wise and environmentally sustainable school environment.

We have many things in place that help the school to be more WasteWise such as:

  • Each classroom has a Bokashi, recycling, paper and landfill bin (a smaller one). There are monitors in each class who are trained to check and empty them at the waste station.

  • Sustainability concepts are integrated into the curriculum, and feature in the strategic plan and charter.

  • Slide show presentations are regularly featured in assemblies, information is in school newsletters, written and oral report to the BOT.

  • Digital notices within the school and to the community.

  • Each class has a range of recycling bins/paper bins.

  • Students can be involved with the Enviro group, composting, Bokashi monitors and the Gardening Club.

  • We are committed to improving our school environment and behaviour to sustain WasteWise practices and initiatives.

Some websites that are great for environmental education

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