International Introduction

Milford School welcomes international students. We are recognised nationwide and internationally for both our academic excellence and appreciation of cultural diversity of our students. We value the contribution students and families from different countries bring to our school community.

Milford School has the atmosphere of an International School as many of our students’ families have migrated to New Zealand in the last decade. Apart from those who are residents of New Zealand, we have a number of International Fee Paying students.

In order for us to give the very best experience to our International students, we have a well resourced ESOL Department with the staff and resources necessary to support these students.

Milford School International Students Programme offers:

  • Small group tuition

  • Classroom support

  • Reading support

  • Friendly and safe environment

  • Individual learning programmes when required

Sam Gilchrist is our International Student Co-Ordinator.  If you like more information regarding our International Student Programme please contact Sam on or +64 9 489 7216.