Mathematics at Milford School

Mathematics is the exploration and use of patterns and relationships.

At Milford School, we aim to promote students thinking in mathematics, and develop strategies for how best to solve problems. Mathematics uses symbols, graphs and diagrams to find and communicate patterns and relationships in a variety of situations.

There are three main areas of mathematics. They are:

  • Number and Algebra

  • Geometry and Measurement

  • Statistics

Our classroom programmes cover all three areas every year, with each year level building on the student’s prior knowledge and understandings. Within our mathematics programme sits numeracy. Numeracy focuses on the knowledge and strategies students need to be successful mathematicians.

A recent parent information evening was held, and the powerpoint presentation is below
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The Ministry has published a great resource for parents which you can access if you click below
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NZMaths is a great website and this link has activities you can do to support your child’s learning
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