At Milford School we really value music education and it is an integral part of our school culture. We encourage all children to be actively involved in the arts, not only as a creative outlet but to develop their learning and social development.

We are very fortunate to have a full time music specialist, Mrs Eugenie Middleton, who is passionate about providing positive learning experiences for every child and to nurture their musical abilities.

There are three components to the Milford School music programme:

  • Classroom music lessons

  • Music groups

  • Itinerant music lessons

Classroom Music Lessons

Every class has music lessons for 45 minutes per week with music specialist, Eugenie Middleton. In these lessons, the children are immersed in a holistic learning experience, which incorporates a mixture of singing, music games, rhythm and body percussion, movement, dance, drama and instrumental playing.

All lessons are linked to the syndicate PYP central ideas and concepts. This ensures cohesion between the classroom learning outcomes and music learning objectives.

Throughout their time at school, all students will experience playing a wide range of un-tuned percussion instruments, ukulele, marimba and xylophone, recorder, boom whackers and stomping tubes.

Music Groups

At Milford School there are an abundance of music groups for the children to be involved in. These music groups encourage the children to enhance their learning and to explore different musical genres in a fun, focussed learning environment. Many of the groups represent the school in festivals and concerts throughout the year.

2021 Music Groups Classroom Timetable

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Music groups available are listed below.  Click on any of the [+] buttons below to expand and view the information.

An extension recorder group for children who learnt recorder in Year 2. The children continue to develop skills of playing together, learning new notes and basic note reading.

Year 3 Recorder Enrolment Form

This group is an ensemble group, with children who are skilled at playing the descant recorder and now learn to play the alto and tenor recorders in a small group.

Advanced Recorder Enrolment Form

An extension group for senior children interested in learning to play the xylophone in an ensemble. This has about 60 members in total rehearses hard all year to represent the school in two main concerts: the COL musical performance night and also at the Auckland Marimba Festival. Times and dates TBC. In addition to this, we play regularly in sharing assemblies.

Year 5 Xylophone Group

Year 6 Xylophone Group

This band rehearses on Wednesday lunchtimes and is dependent on the exisiting skills at school. If your child is a great guitarists, bass guitarist, drummer please let me know so I can form a group for 2021. This group will perform in assemblies throughout the year and may be invited to form part of the senior production band.

School Rock Band Form

This group is for beginners who would like to learn how to play basic chords on the ukulele. The children are welcome to use the school ukuleles for this group, but it is advantageous for them to own their own. This will enable them to practise at home and make more rapid progress. This group will rehearse on Friday afternoons from 1.30 – 2.00.

Year 3 and 4 Ukulele Group Form

This group is for children who learnt the ukulele last year and want to continue playing. This group rehearses Friday lunchtimes.

Advanced Ukulele Group Form

This is one of the children’s favourite groups. The music is arranged by Eugenie Middleton to specifically cater for the huge range of abilities and instruments the children are learning to play. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop skills of following a conductor, playing as part of an ensemble and reading basic music in a relaxed, nurturing environment. Children don’t need to be able to read music to be a member of this group, but it does help. This is for children from Year 2 – Year 6.

Whole School Orchestra Form

This choir is for any budding young singer who would like to be part of a choir. This caters for Year 1-3 children and is taken by Melanie Dixon in Room 15 on Friday lunchtimes. She will inform the children when this will start.

This is an audition choir of about 45 – 50 members. This very popular group rehearses all year to sing in the Auckland Town Hall in November (date to be advised). We sing alongside schools from all over Auckland to sing in harmony – around 500 children in total. It is an amazing night and one the children will remember forever. If your child has been accepted for this choir please register the information on the form below:

APPA Choir Form

This is an all comers choir who rehearse hard all year to perform in the Bruce Mason Centre at the Kids for Kids Concert. This is an exciting concert with guest singers – Jackie Clarke and Nathan King. This choir has more contemporary upbeat songs and the children love being a part of this group. There are usually 70 plus students in this group. It is taken by Bev Boyd and registrations will come from her via the children.

This is a new group this year for students from Years 2 and 3. We would like to encourage all Maori and Pasifika children to join this group, but we will also open it up to children who show a real interest in this area through their te reo classes. This group will be taken by Eugenie Middleton and Nicole Brown on Fridays from 10.10 to 10.40.

This is for all Year 4-6 children who are interested in belonging to a Kapa Haka group. This is taken by Louise Lavulo on Thursdays from 12 – 12.30 in the school hall. Louise will inform children of when this will start up and how to join.

Itinerant Music Lessons at Milford School

At Milford School, we are very lucky to have music tutors come into school and teach children a variety of instruments. Currently, these include individual piano and keyboard lessons, guitar lessons, and violin lessons. For children to take these lessons, they must pay a fee and this is organised through the school office. In addition to this, we have a teacher who comes and teaches singing after school on Wednesdays in the music room, and information on this is available through the school office also.

If you have any questions about the music programme or groups for your children to join. Please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me in the music room, or alternatively email me:

Nga mihi nui

Eugenie Middleton
Head of Music / Specialist team leader / COL within school lead teacher