PE (Physical Education)

At Milford School we are very fortunate to have a P.E. specialist teacher, Mrs Louise Lavulo. Louise takes each class for a 45 minute lesson every week, where students experience a wide variety of sport-related skills and further development of their fundamental movement skills during the P.E. lessons. Some examples of the skills are:

  • Fostering teamwork, communication, and resilience.

  • Throwing, catching, striking, and fielding.

  • Dribbling, passing, defending and shooting.

  • Passing, attacking, defending, and use of space for court & field games.

  • Hand/eye & foot/eye coordination, reaction time, & fitness.

  • Running, jumping and throwing for Athletics.

  • Rotation, balance, spring, strength, flexibility for Gymnastics & Yoga.

  • Mindful ways of managing our bodies and minds (Hauora).

  • Perceptual Motor Programming (PMP) for New Entrant/Year One students