Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP)

The Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) is a physical skills programme that aims to increase children’s fine and gross motor skills, coordination, concentration, eye tracking skills, and memory through a variety of activities and games. It is used as a New Entrant/Year One programme during Term 1 and 2 with good outcomes for the children, which translate to better skills in the classroom.

Parent helpers are necessary for the programme to be successful.  If you think that you may be able to assist, please complete the following Google Form

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PMP enables the children to ‘fill the holes in their bucket.’ If parents and teachers pour in the ‘water’ (knowledge & skills), it won’t be retained if there are ‘holes’ (postural & baby reflexes that aren’t fully developed like balancing & crawling, sense development, oral, visual, auditory skills, followed by reading, writing & maths). This programme encourages language in action which will allow children to hear, see, do, improve their fundamental skills, and gain additional body awareness.

Parent helpers to assist with small groups so that there is more discussion and assistance available to each child. At each station, there is an emphasis on the technique, language and there are opportunities to individualise up or down as required for each child.

Eye tracking is also looked at from time to time throughout the programme. This is where we get to check for any flickering, eye rubbing, or inability to track left and right. This is vital for their ability to read, as text is read from left to right and their concentration needs to be maintained for the child to form meaning.

The skills that they gain or improve on while involved in this programme, will help them physically, mentally, across the various school curriculum areas, and with their concentration at school.

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