Our Sports Co-ordinator is Miss Danielle Nicholson. Danielle is in charge of all sports, though relies on parents and caregivers to coach and manage the many teams. If you have any sports related questions, please email Danielle (Room 10) on

See our 2022 Sports Overview  for information about registration, trials and event dates; please note that this will be updated throughout the year so please check back regularly to ensure that if you printed it, it matches the current Google Doc.

Please keep an eye on all email correspondence for registration information. 

By registering your child in a sporting activity, you agree that your child will play for the duration of their intended season and will pay the registration fee immediately via Kindo. At Milford School we encourage fair play and excellent sportsmanship so please ensure that you and your child are supportive of the whole team, coach, umpire/referee and manager. Please see our Milford School Code of Conduct for specific reference.

Please note:

While every effort will be made to ensure all registered players make a team, there are instances where we have a limit to how many teams we can enter and how many players can make up a team for fair play time. You will be informed via email whether your child made a team and will be given further instructions. Please do not be disheartened if your child isn’t selected for a team; this is a fantastic opportunity to practice resilience and to make a plan to try again the following year or for an alternative sport.

Sports at Milford School

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Some other sports that Milford School have taken part in over the past few years have been: Rhythmic Gymnastics and Skiing.

If there is a sport you as a parent can provide expertise in please don’t hesitate to contact the Milford School Sports Coordinator, Danielle Nicholson.

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