Milford School is a Travelwise school.

Miss Michelle Clark is our Travelwise Coordinator and any questions can be directed to her at

We are very proud to be a Gold Travelwise school. Thank you to the school community who have supported this initiative and have helped us achieve Gold status.

Here are some of the great projects which have led to change in the way we travel to and from school:

  • A Travelwise working group which includes the Principal, lead teacher, student group, parent Walking School Bus co-ordinator and Auckland City Council co-ordinator.

  • A cyclist declaration implemented to promote safe wheels.

  • Fluro vests distributed free to all cyclists.

  • Gumbrella’ day and Travelwise week promotions with Max the Pukeko visiting on a regular basis.

  • Travelwise student group speak and present rewards at assembly for students who participate in Travelwise.

  • Principal and other teaching staff monitor the school gate to address safety issues e.g. parents driving into school driveway.

  • Teachers on signalised crossing at front of school gate and at the rear entrance. School road safety procedures updated and implemented.

  • New entrant flyer (available in English, Chinese and Korean), website Travelwise information, Walking School Bus routes promoted and published.

Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus Coordinator is Mrs Reem Hassan.

Milford School has walking school bus routes mapped & approved by Auckland Council.

1. Dallinghoe Cr route

Meets at the Stanley Ave end of Dallinghoe Cres, travels down Dallinghoe Cres and Wolsley Ave, turns right into Shakespeare Rd and along to the pedestrian crossing outside Milford School.

2. Rangitoto Tce route:

Meets near the corner of Seaview Rd and Rangitoto Tce, travels along Rangitoto Tce then turns left into East Coast Rd. Crosses both Shakespeare and Kitchener Rds at the traffic lights. Continues up Shakespeare Rd (on the school side) to school.

3. Seaview Rd Dairy/Marina route:

Meets opposite the Seaview Dairy, crosses Byrnes Reserve, then walks along Inga Road. Crosses both Shakespeare and Kitchener Rds at the traffic lights. Continues up Fenwick Ave and along Otakau Rd into school.

4. Frater Rd route:

Meets at the corner of Saltburn Rd and Frater Ave, continues along Frater Ave to Milford Rd, up Milford Rd and right into Kitchener Rd, through the shops, then left into Fenwick Ave and along Otakau Rd into school.

5. Kitchener Rd route:

Meets on the lake side of Kitchener Rd (currently the meeting spot is the bus stop opposite Saltburn Road). Continues along Kitchener Rd through the shops then left into Fenwick Ave and along Otakau Rd into school.

6. Nile Rd route:

Meets at the corner of Stanley Rd and Nile Rd. Travels along Nile Rd into Alma Rd, turns left into Shakespeare Rd and crosses at the pedestrian crossing outside the school.

7. Shakespeare Rd route:

Travels along Shakespeare Rd from Brooke St/Thornton Rd shops, crossing at the lights outside Carmel College, then walking along Shakespeare Rd (school side) into school.

Bikes / Scooters

As recommended by the Auckland City Council and the New Zealand Police, students are encouraged to cycle or scooter from Years 5 and 6.

The students will need to sign a “Milford School Cycle Declaration Form” to be eligible to receive a free vest which we expect them to wear to and from school.

This form is to be signed by the student, parent and principal. The forms are available from the school office.